A New Way of Thinking

Arête (Greek)

  • The act of living up to one's full potential; or,
  • The pinnacle of knowledge, wisdom and virtue - for good!

Arête Discoveries is a biotech research discovery firm formed to develop entirely new treatments to stop the progression of autoimmune diseases. The first target of Arête's research is focused on multiple sclerosis because it has no known cause or bio-marker.  The Holy Grail of neurology. 

A Fresh Approach to Wellness

What if science missed a key piece of evidence?

What if a fresh perspective was brought to the autoimmune space that was not encumbered by any preconceived understandings, or centuries old medical dogma?

That "what if" is now.  Arête Discoveries has taken an entirely novel approach to both understanding autoimmune disease, and uncovering  heretofore unknown biological interactions.  Our discoveries of mutations at the stem cell RNA level, combined with cutting edge anatomical discoveries and understandings, have allowed us to see further, faster than any company or group of researchers has done before.

Be A Part of History

Arête Discoveries is currently seeking support from family foundations, private individuals, as well as non-diluting collaboration with forward thinking pharmaceutical companies and bio-pharma discovery firms.